Writing this blog post Sunday morning, reflecting over the last week, there’s so much to unpack in what we have all experienced. Our work routines and home life have been greatly impacted, how we connect with each other has been significantly restricted, concern for loved ones and friends is heightened, and witnessing everything happening has the ability to elevate what we are feeling. Life for all of us has changed with this pandemic.

It is also an unprecedented challenge for business owners. You are trying to figure out how to adjust your business during COVID-19. While some people are worrying where their next roll of toilet paper will come from, you might be trying to figure out how to pay your staff, how to keep your business afloat, and how to shift the way you do business as a result of what many are calling our new “normal.”

Last week I had countless calls with many of our clients in the professional services industry who wanted to discuss how to position themselves at this uncertain time. I challenged each of them to pivot. Their typical offerings might not be relevant right now, but they have so much to offer. Here was my overarching advice as I helped each of them adjust in their messaging:

  • Don’t give up and wait this out.
  • Act now to be of service.
  • Be creative on your pricing.
  • Provide your talent to those in need.

For one client, it was removing “fast-growing” from the description of the businesses she typically works with and adjusting what she offers. Another was creating smaller packages for leaders currently needing advice on how to navigate their businesses right now. For each of the clients who adjusted their services, we then pivoted in their digital marketing strategies. We shifted blog post topics, newsletter content, and social media posts as we move forward in supporting them.

What invigorated me in an exhausting week was that all of these clients want to give back and be of service, and just needed the words and strategy on how to execute. They are really good human beings and I love that we support them in their efforts.

While I am encouraging my clients to share their talents, I am doing the same. If you know of a small business owner who is struggling with their messaging to the general public or is unsure of how to pivot at this critical time in their business, please send a link to my article about how to shift digital marketing efforts during this pandemic. I am also offering my time next week gratis to small business owners who run marketing on their own. I look forward to finding innovative ways to support even more business owners in the weeks to come. Additionally, some of my clients who are executive coaches are also offering sessions gratis or at reduced pricing for those in need. I am happy to make the appropriate connections.

Lastly, to reiterate what I said all last week- don’t give up; just pivot.