Marketing Review in the Autumn

While I try to extend flip flop season as long as possible, there are  a few things the fall brings that I look forward to each year.  I love milder temperatures (preferably still warm enough for said flip flops), beautiful fall foliage, fun seasonal festivals, and pumpkin spice everything. What I also enjoy in the fall is hearing from clients who want to reconnect after the summer for a marketing review. Their goal is to end the year strong and be in a fantastic position for the new year.

What I love most about working with clients in the fall to conduct thorough marketing plan reviews is that it sets these clients up for success all 12 months of the new year. Marketing efforts take time to build momentum. By starting now, business owners will experience a greater positive impact from the marketing efforts, rather than starting to see results in second quarter with a new January initiative.

Marketing Review Checklist

Reviewing analytics, brainstorming on new initiatives, and implementing an updated digital marketing strategy is a fun part of what we do as a full-service digital media agency. These fall calls and meetings allow us the opportunity to break out of our everyday efforts for the clients and think of innovative ways to keep clients moving to the next level of growth for their businesses.

Here are important items to review for a successful year-end finish and to be on track to meet business objectives in the new year:

  • Review content strategy and engagement for existing marketing efforts.
  • Create a strategy to adjust (if needed) existing efforts based upon analytics results.
  • Discuss audience growth for each marketing platform.
  • Thoroughly review website for accuracy and new business opportunities.
  • Consider expanding marketing initiatives.
  • Design a plan to integrate any new initiatives into existing marketing efforts.

Yes, there is a lot to evaluate and it’s a bit time consuming, but it will be worth the effort. From working with so many clients in countless industries over the years, I continue to see the benefit for those who take the time for fall planning.  And, if you outsource marketing efforts to a company like NG Media, it’s our responsibility to do most of the work in preparation for the meeting.

One Client Example

One recent client conference call led to great discussions of existing efforts and future marketing ideas. We were able to review all the items on our fall checklist and create a strategy we are excited to implement, which includes:

  • Adding a new page to the client’s website.
  • Increasing email list for a broader email marketing reach.
  • Restarting blog writing for client’s website.
  • Creating a business promo video.

Most of us are guilty of being too busy working “in” our business to work “on” our business. I highly recommend carving out time this fall season for a full review, be open to expanding marketing initiatives in the new year, and start implementing changes now for a successful year. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like our help.